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Cover Crop

We grow what we sell.  In all our seeds we have high standards.  We put our name on it, you can guarantee that it will be quality seed.

Bore Down Cover Crop Radish

  • DRILLER Radish is now Bore Down Cover Crop Radish.  Still the same massive root structure.  Bore Down is a true improved daikon root radish.
  • Bore Down is a biological drilling tool with an enormous taproot that alleviates soil compaction.
  • Bore Down suppresses weeds, nematodes and disease.
  • Bore Down while being environmentally friendly builds biomass and prevents soil erosion.
  • Bore Down is the financially and economically sound Cover Crop Radish that eliminates the need for mechanical tilling.
  • Bore Down will put money back in your pocket and time on your side.

Purple Top Turnips

  • Aids in weed suppression while providing high energy (protein) feed.
  • Penetrates hardpan, aerates soil, and recycles nutrients.
  • Fast growing winter cover while scavenging soil nitrogen.
  • Adds biomass to soil.
  • Decomposes quickly.

Specter Peas

  • Extremely winter hardy. Developed to survive harsh winter conditions and resume vigorous Spring growth.
  • As an annual legume, Specter has excellent nitrogen fixing capabilities.
  • Specter produces 40% greater biomass yields than other peas.
  • Specter is an outstanding forage producer reaching heights of 6 plus feet.
  • Specter’s high quality nutrition makes a dual purpose winter field/forage pea.

Other Items

  • Saia Black Oats
  • Austrian Winter Peas
  • Forage Brassicas
  • Clovers- White, Red, Crimson
  • Annual Ryegrass
  • Common Vetch
  • Hairy Vetch


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