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Pacific Seed Production

Pacific Seed specializes in vegetable multiplication.  Direct seeded, transplants, OP, hybrids.  We can do it all.

We have expert growers that have the knowledge, skill and expertise to get the job done right.  Here a farmer and his skilled crew transplant a field of chinese cabbage.  We have our own equipment to aid farmers where needed.

Hybrid Radish- In this application stakes are being used to support the plants. We have the ability to supply what the customer needs. 

Field of Carrots in Eastern Oregon.  Even though we are based in the Willamette Valley, we have a wide range of growers in a variety of climates within driving distance.

Our field staff has a combined 60+ years of farming experience.  They inspect the fields on the regular basis and report to the growers what needs to be done and when.

Onions flowering- We can do many types of onions.  Bunching, yellow globe, whites, seed to seed, and  transplants.

Hybrid Radish in full bloom.  Radish does very well in our valley and we have some of the best radish growers in the world to work with.

Details are important to the health of the field.  Here measurements are being taken of carrots to check root size and health of the plants.

Here a green house test is being done on a new variety of Chinese cabbage. Variety testing is done to see how new varieties will perform in our growing area to ensure the best economical benefits for both the customer and grower.

These Transplants are almost ready to be planted.  Inspecting transplants is an important step in the overall process.  Here we can make sure to have the healthiest plants and correct size for planting.

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